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Are you implementing a time-tested practitioner-based Enterprise Architecture in your business?

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Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence

For Enterprise Architecture (EA) Practitioners by EA Practitioners

enterprise architect strategy boardThe Architectures Center of Excellence & Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE) are the independent industry-wide practitioner-based sources for the purpose of advancing the implementation and understanding of Enterprise Architecture:

  • To help business and information technology teams understand and learn Enterprise Architecture.
  • To help teams implement Enterprise Architecture.
  • To certify Enterprise Architects with consistent measures of success.

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I really like using the EACOE tool to consolidate all my analysis with my customers. It is a quick and simple way to organize and show how their entire organization is / isn’t related. Plus, I use it to show what systems will be impacted if we have new processes and potential new tools.

Carmen Torres
Enterprise Architecture Workshop