Enterprise Architecture Certification Workshops

Has Your Enterprise Architecture Training
Distinguished You as an EA Implementer?
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Become a certified EACOE Enterprise Architect or become certified in the soft skills required to effectively change your organization.

Join us in person at one of our workshops, or become certified from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Enterprise Architecture Certification

Enterprise Architect Certification

With the rise in demand for qualified architects, most companies are looking at certification programs for ensuring the right personnel. An enterprise architect is a professional with an acceptable body of knowledge.

Our enterprise architect certification program certifies professionals based on their skills, knowledge and experience.

Distinguish yourself with our Enterprise Architect certification.

Distance Learning Workshops

Distance Learning Certification

Distance Learning Certification Workshop participants join the Certification instructor in a virtual classroom. Using the latest in web conferencing technology designed for maximum interaction, Workshop participants can access the virtual classroom remotely, from any location worldwide, and still benefit from instructor-led training.

Become certified in Enterprise Architecture without leaving your home or office.


Soft Skills Certification

Soft Skills Certification is the latest offering from the EACOE. You may know how to do Enterprise Architecture but knowing how to ensure your organization is able to adopt these practices requires a different set of skills.

Because Enterprise Architecture techniques are still so new, resistance to change is inevitable.

Distinguish yourself and become an effective change agent today.