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virtual Enterprise Architecture


on-site or remote…

The Enterprise Architecture Center Of Excellence (EACOE) introduces: virtual Enterprise Architecture (vEA) Services. This new service gives you access to the expertise of EACOE’s consulting Enterprise Architects, either on-site or remote, so you can achieve your EA goals more quickly, efficiently, and economically.

based on your needs…

We become your virtual Enterprise Architect, providing the guidance and expertise you need when you need it.
works with your staff at whatever level of assistance and pace that is right for your organization.

keeping you on-track…

Applying experience gained from Enterprises across a wide range of businesses, industries, and government organizations, will ensure that your Enterprise Architecture efforts are optimized and aligned with your strategic goals.

We introduce virtual Enterprise Architecture. A service to help you achieve your EA goals more efficiently and economically.

uses EACOE’s Quick Start Enterprise Architecture methodology, implemented with virtual (remote) support and/or on-site support. With vEA, you and your staff have access to the full complement of EACOE’s experienced practitioners who will work with your organization (on-site or virtual) to create an Enterprise Architecture. Activities can include:

  • Development of explicit, rather than mostly implicit, business understanding and strategies to reduce enterprise risk and improve agility
  • Development of a business-aligned information technology roadmap
  • Analysis of existing applications.
  • Optimization of business and technology processes through an Application Health Check

is an effective way to begin or supplement an organization’s development of an Enterprise Architecture. By leveraging EACOE’s demonstrated success and and collective experiences, EACOE can help Enterprises focus on projects and priorities that will quickly bring the most value to their bottom line.

Enterprises will decrease costs with a best practices approach to Enterprise Architecture as well as the ability to use EACOE resources virtually instead of maintaining a fully-staffed in-house expertise.


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