Application Portfolio Rationalization & Optimization

port1The benefits of completing a project will be felt throughout your technology and business organizations.

By their nature, application portfolios become bloated and ineffective over time—an ever-increasing number of applications across multiple platforms, duplication and redundancy, and misaligned systems or technologies whose ability to deliver value continues to degrade.

The result is budget and staff allocation focused on shoring up an aging structure with little or nothing left over to invest in new initiatives.

Successful organizations continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their applications and systems and take action to improve the business practices that will maximize business value.

We provide the guidance to make that happen! Using our recognized methodology you will optimize and rationalize your current technology and application environments to ensure alignment with your overall enterprise goals and objectives.

The result will be a dramatic cost savings in a relatively short timeframe.

So quit patching and start building for the future…it’s one of the most logical and forward-looking projects any IT oranization can complete!

Maximize the Value of Your Current Application Assets
Focus Your Resources on Efforts with Greater Future Benefits


Pinnacle Portfolio Optimization Process

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