How To Maximize Your Technology Assets

With Growing Technology Demands And Fewer Resources The Best Way To Leverage The Right Technology With A Shrinking Budget

  • Provide support for future state growth.
  • Determine the degree and quality of automation for current business Processes.
  • Improve application reliability, availability, scalability, and performance.
  • Reduce application costs.
  • Enhance business capabilities.

  • Aging technology base.
  • Skyrocketing maintenance budget.
  • Growing need for security.
  • Scarcity of skills needed to support outdated technologies in place.
  • Escalating cost of data centers.
  • Enormity of application portfolio.
  • Continuous reduction of IT budget

  • Deciding where to start.
  • Validating current portfolio to secure adequate IT budget.
  • Examining “health” of existing application portfolio.
  • Identifying Process redundancies.
  • Identifying Data redundancies.
  • Measuring the value of each current application.
  • Understanding the extent and result of on-going “redundancy creep.”
  • Align applications with the business units and goals they support.

  • Optimize the number of applications within your application portfolio.
  • Ensure Processes and Data are automated in applications as few times as possible—ideally only once!
  • Align applications with the business and goals they support

Pinnacle Portfolio Optimization Process

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