Client Testimonials

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I really like using the EACOE tool to consolidate all my analysis with my customers. It is a quick and simple way to organize and show how their entire organization is / isn’t related. Plus, I use it to show what systems will be impacted if we have new processes and potential new tools.

Carmen Torres

October 31, 2017

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I thoroughly enjoyed the EACOE course. The course was simply AWESOME !!!!!

Harry L. Faggett Jr.
October 19, 2017

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I just wanted to thank you again for an outstanding learning experience last week. Honestly, one of the best training/hands-on workshops I've ever attended!

Jonathan Benett

March 8, 2017

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Many thanks for the course – certainly help cement a number of new ideas and provided much food for thought. The reality that you provided that IT is immature has especially changed the way I view a number of things and helped me reconsider how I approach “problems” and people. I am looking forward to growing into an experienced enterprise architect …

Robin Beetge

January 23, 2017

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The education you offered me back in 2015 is even more valuable now that I'm transitioning into the Cyber world. Remember the story of the Little Dutch Boy and the Dike? Hmmmmm.

Todd Pollard

September 28, 2016

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Really appreciate benefiting from your knowledge, experience and hard earned lessons learned! It made the class quite valuable!!

Chris Lorentz

September 5, 2016

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Your Soft Skills for Enterprise and Business Architects was one of the most insightful and beneficial workshops I have attended in my career. Thank you for being so accommodating. I will certainly be reaching out to you in the future.

Dr. Theon Danet

August 11, 2016

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Thank you for a very information and hands-on approach towards learning about Enterprise Architecture concepts and principles.

Best regards,
Allieu Alghli

August 3, 2016

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I Wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the great week! Your insights, distilled Framework, and practical approach to Enterprise Architecture will all be of use and value to me (and hopefully my clients). I've already picked my demonstration project!

July 23, 2016

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The workshop was superb. Your presentation of the material was superb and your humor was appreciated, although laughter was not heard because we were all on mute in the Distance Learning format! I’m hopeful that I can push our EA team to work on a small initiative within the next month to demonstrate the value of the framework. Ahh, those other priorities always seem to get in the way of real progress.

Many thanks for a great workshop. The week went by like the days were hours.

John Ackerman
December 25, 2015


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