Why Enterprise Architecture Development Needs Experienced EA Practitioners and Real-World Solutions

How unbiased Enterprise Architecture Development (no outside sponsors or agendas and entirely real-world problem-oriented) will make you a strategic well-practiced enterprise architect.

The mission of the Architectures Center of Excellence is to advance the professionalism, practitioning, and the body of knowledge related to Enterprise Architecture, and to provide its members with a professional exchange forum of knowledge and experience in the use, implementation, and advancement of Enterprise Architecture. The EACOE provides the Enterprise Architect with a full complement of foundational skills and tools for success.

Tools Every Architect Needs

Enterprise architects need a series of tools for implementation and documentation of projects. The tools every architect needs may range from comprehensive EA frameworks to common sense documentation and communications plan.

At the EACOE, you have the advantage to gather knowledge on these from experienced professionals.

We provide additional services to train and assist professionals so that you are not in ivory towers but are business driven.

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Architecture & Strategic Planning

This is the age of the Enterprise Architect. The EACOE is the leading practitioner-based association for Enterprise Architects.

Our mission is to be the definitive source for Enterprise Architecture and strategic planning. Our architect training courses can help make you trail-blazers leading the way for both business and IT.

We aim at providing a universal standard and competence forum for enterprise architecture, business architecture, and information systems architecture.

Our goal is to improve and elevate the practice of enterprise archiecture through rigorous training and advancement of professionals.

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