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Currently EACOE Certified Members have access to our “Member” sites where they can access the content listed below.

EACOE Enterprise Architecture Enabler – Visio Source File

File needed to create Organization Chart in Visio. Update this file using buttons found in the Enterprise Architecture Enabler tool.

EACOE Enterprise Architecture Enabler

This is the EACOE Enabler engine that parallels the EACOE Methodology. The Enabler provides a complete tool to develop Architecture Models, Implementation Models, Perform Analysis, develop Initiatives

EACOE Toy Story Example Report

This is a suggested "final report" for an Enterprise Architecture initiative.

Manifesto for Responsible Software Development (Anti-Agile Manifesto)

This document may be read as a point by point rebuttal of the Agile Manifesto and developed by Mark Kern

Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Architecture

Article Describing the Revolution of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Cooperatively Optimized Relationships (COR).

EACOE Architecture Model Taxonomical Classification

This simple Visio diagram reminds the architects that Architecture Models must be classifications [\"X is a type of Y\"] and not decompositions [\"X is a part of Y\"].

EACOE Definition of Enterprise Architecture

The definition of Enterprise Architecture.

EACOE Developing Initiatives -Using the Toolset

This document works with the Affinity Analysis wallchart graphic to describe the steps to run the EACOE Affinity Analysis toolset.

EACOE Developing Initiatives -Wallchart Graphic: Using the Toolset

This wallchart-size (ANSI E, 42\"x24\") graphic provides a graphical flow through the involved steps of developing affinity-based initiatives, groups of highly related processes.

EACOE Enterprise Architecture Glossary Concepts

This high level description and diagram discusses the importance of defining acronyms, terms and enterprise specific jargon to clarify the language for Enterprise Architecture artifacts to a common, c

EACOE Executive Sponsor Commitment Template

Enterprise Architecture Commitment letter template that describes an Enterprise Architecture effort and the role of the Executive Sponsor, and the commitment required.

EACOE Pre-Workshop To-Do Template

This is a brief, yet thorough outline of the tasks needed to prepare for a successful Enterprise Architecture workshop.

EACOE Quick Start Enterprise Architecture Program Checklist

An easy to use Checklist to assist Enterprise Architects, and Enterprise Architecture Participants as they develop their Enterprise Architecture.

EACOE Quick Start Enterprise Architecture Project Plan Template

An EACOE Enterprise Architecture Quick Start Process (Project Plan, Dependencies, Timing, Deliverables, Template Drivers, etc.) to assist and Guide Enterprise Architects in the Enterprise Architecture

EACOE Roles – Mapped to The Enterprise Framework™

This graphic shows existing and proposed business and IT area architecture roles mapped to what we at EACOE believe are their responsible areas as depicted in The Enterprise Framework™ diagram.

EACOE Roles -Who Makes a Good Enterprise Architect?

A document outlining the personal traits and skills that contribute to successful Enterprise Architecture participation.

EACOE Systems Inventory and Health Check

This thorough application system assessment will give your executives key, consistent information to support decisions on existing and planned systems. This is a key reference for executives as they l

EACOE Systems Inventory and Health Check User Guide

This guide defines the many fields that the application systems\' health assessment document tracks per instance.

EACOE Toy Story Example

Complete set of Quick Start Models, and Initiatives

EACOE Toy Story Goal Ranking Example

Example of Goal Ranking for Toy Story Goals

EACOE Toy Story Initiative List Example

Example List of Initiatives and Content

Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube

Article describing the Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube developed by Gundars Osvalds.

Four Pillars of Enterprise Architecture

One of the most widely quoted articles on Enterprise Architecture describing the four requirements for developing an Enterprise Architecture - Architecture Models, Framework, Methodology, and Solution

General Motors and Enterprise Architecture

Link to CIO Magazine on the General Motors Work on Enterprise Architecture Facilitated by Samuel Holcman.

On Enterprise Architecture

The eleven most commonly asked questions about Enterprise Architecture and the answers to these questions.

Value of Enterprise Architecture

An extensive article on the Value of Enterprise Architecture.

Volkswagen and Enterprise Architecture

Link to Harvard University Case Study on the Volkswagen Work on Enterprise Architecture Facilitated by Samuel Holcman

What is a Business Capability and how do you Measure it

Describes what a Business Capability actually is, and how to measure the Capability Ability for an organization.