Certification Submission Information

  1. Personal Data
    Provide the complete name, home and/or business addresses, telephone, facsimile number, and email address.
  2. Summary of Certification Request and Accomplishment Submissions
    Summarize the Certification request, logic as to why certification should be granted, and the materials that will be submitted, that will verify these professional accomplishments.
  3. Education
    Provide degrees, and name and location of educational institutions. Provide non-degree education, education type, focus of the education, name and location of the education institutions.
  4. Professional Experience
    List employers (clients) and position titles. Include a short description of the responsibilities for each position.
  5. Accomplishments
    Describe, in detail, technical and professional accomplishments. Since this data is the key source of information, it is essential that qualifications for certification be described thoroughly, concisely, and objectively. All accomplishments must include actual examples of work products in sufficient detail to allow proper review. Indicate innovation, originality and creative aspects of the work. Since most of this information will probably be of a confidential nature, EACOE will accept and execute most standard non-disclosure agreements. Materials with limited redaction will be accepted. Submissions can be electronic or paper-based. Please check with EACOE for submissions that require specific software tools to review the actual electronic submission. All work products will be returned to the submitter.
  6. Colleague Confirmations
    The EACOE Certification candidate must personally make sure that colleagues are familiar enough with the candidate’s work, and that they are willing, to serve as endorsers for the candidate. It is recognized that for some Certification candidates, the major contributions have been within his/her organization, and in these cases, colleagues from the organization are the key sources of reliable information, particularly in group efforts. In such cases the uniqueness of the candidates contribution to the particular Enterprise Architecture program should be emphasized.