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Beyond the Headline- Walmart embraces the cloud to take on Amazon

I recently read an article in REUTERS on February 13, 2018 and my reading is very different than the headline states. My reading of the article is that Walmart is returning to in-house data centers that are linked together. This is a wild stretch to call this cloud computing. If my reading is correct, we are seeing the natural return to in-house data centers that we saw when the “precursor” to cloud computing – time-sharing – had the same pattern. We all have three choices when we procure anything (including computing cycles) – (1) rent, (2), lease, (3) buy. We … Continue reading

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Welcome to the EACOE

Sam Holcman, our Founder and President, introduces you to the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence and gives you more insight into what we do.

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Webinar: Addressing Coding -Your Highest Security Concern

Every day we hear about new breaches into our computer network and systems.  And who knows what we are not hearing about! The reactions are always the same:  it’s the opposition political party, it’s foreign governments, it’s “professional hackers”, it’s our competitors, it’s, it’s, it’s them!! Perhaps instead of looking outside for the culprit and at the symptom, it is time to look in the mirror, and at the cause.

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Cloud Sales Are Booming: So Why Are Adoption Rates Down?

Cloud sales are booming but why are adoption rates slowing? via the Wall Street Journal

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Comparing Two Leading Enterprise Architecture Methodologies and Frameworks

This article describes eight criteria used to compare and contrast the two most practiced approaches to Enterprise Architecture; from The Open Group (TOGAF) and The Enterprise Architecture Center Of Excellence (EACOE). Eight comparison criteria are described and used in the comparison: (1) the development of Business Initiatives (projects), (2) the provision of Directed Guidance, (3) Consistency and Simplicity in its approaches, (4) Structured, Precise Definitions for Human Communication and Understanding, that Lead to Technology Enablement, (5) Clarity and Reason in Modeling, (6) providing Value in the Transformations from Model to Model, (7) Skills Acquisition, and (8) understanding Business’ Multiple Architect … Continue reading

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