Learn How To Get Certified in Enterprise Architecture

More than 68% of technology investments are under-utilized (by at least 26%). Why? Poor Planning. Institutional Politics. Organizational Complexity. Can you overcome these obstacles? Enterprise Architecture is your answer.

How do you get an EA blueprint that aligns your business goals to information technology and business systems? How do you maintain consistent results in constantly changing technology and business climates? Can you reuse your technology assets and reduce organizational complexity?

EACOE-Certified Enterprise Architects use proven globally accepted EA standards and guidelines to achieve unprecedented results.
Our certification approach is simple and straightforward: You learn the practice of Enterprise Architecture. You actually perform Enterprise Architecture. You have that performance reviewed by the world’s most experienced Enterprise Architects. You receive the appropriate level of certification.

Gain experience, use your knowledge and the knowledge of other practitioners, and continue to advance the profession.

EACOE’s Enterprise Architecture certifications give you the experience and knowledge to:

  • Leverage technology to enhance competitive advantage
  • Improve operations and manage organizational change
  • Support innovation and realize the value of your technology investments

Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence provides:

  • Independent Industry-Wide Practitioner-Based Workshops—Advances your organization’s understanding and implementation of EA through practitioner-led workshops.
  • Certificated EA— Become a successful enterprise architecture practitioner. Strategically plan and problem solve to improve your organization’s utilization of technology.


Want to integrate technology with business strategy?

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